MyGearVault: Keep Track Of Your Gear


As any filmmaker, videographer, photographer etc will know is that we all end up collecting a lot of gear for our jobs.

It can be difficult to keep track of each piece of kit we have; from how much they cost, their receipts, the serial numbers etc. Since I can be a bit of a neat freak (and I was burgled once before), I looked into a way of keeping all of this information organised and came across MyGearVault by Jared Polin / FroKnowsPhoto.

Simply put, MyGearVault is an app-based database designed specifically for photographers and filmmakers to store and organise your kit, plus any relevant information about it.

When adding each piece of kit you can put in the following information: 

  • The make and model number

  • A picture of the item - I would recommend taking an actual picture, not just taking the stock image from Google

  • The price you paid for it

  • The date you purchased it

  • Quantity (good for multiple items like batteries)

  • The serial number and a picture

  • A picture or copy of the receipt

  • Any extra notes - This is a useful place to note down any unique features about the item, such as any scratches or dents, a unique camera strap, if it has a warranty etc

  • You can also organise each piece of kit into categories, as well as make 'kits' for different types of shoots you may have, such as weddings, travel, studio etc.


The app was especially useful when I had a job in Spain last year. We were sending a van with our equipment out there because there was so much of it. We needed to supply a kit list and total value of everything we were taking, so that we were covered by the insurance. I was quickly able to make a “Spain Shoot” kit in the app and added all of the items I was taking, and knew what the total value was in minutes.

Speaking of insurance, because of the app I can easily keep in check the total value of all of my equipment and know when I need to give my insurance company a call to increase the cover.

It is definitely a tedious task to put all of your kit information into the app. However, for me it was worth it to have that peace of mind knowing that I have all of the important information in one place. This app obviously won't stop thieves from stealing your kit, but it at least means that if such an event occurred you can easily supply the police with serial numbers and your insurance company with proof of purchase. 

(If you're based in the US, this app is especially useful as you can get insurance cover through it)